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Let's take a poll...

Which is your favorite reason #whyIcannabis?
1. Because I’m a contrarian and (not so) secretly love a good shock factor. 2. Because supply and demand (I’m an Economist). 3. Because I’m a worrier. 4. Because medicine is medicine. 5. Because I hate calories and hangovers. 6. Because botany is real. 7. Because no industry should have to operate in the Stone Age. 8. Because traditional business disciplines are necessary in every industry. 9. Because “vices” should be taxed and regulated.

Coming out of the closet

Over the past year, many friends and family members have asked why I’m intrigued by the cannabis industry.  My answer can vary depending on the day, who’s asking, my recent meetings, or other things, but I wanted to get my comprehensive answer down on paper for anyone who is interested in a quick read (and for me to look back on in 10 years with the benefit of hindsight).

So, here goes my attempt at #whyicannabis (in no particular order)

Because I’m a contrarian and (not so) secretly love a good shock factor.  I play by the rules in most every aspect of life.  My kids go to bed at 7, I married a nice Jewish real-estate professional with a great golf game, followed the typical high-school → college → 2 years of work → business school → back to work progression.  I see the dentist twice a year, dermatologist and doctor once a year, and make sure to have 4 servings of vegetables per day.  I’d be lying if I said I was truly rebellious, but I would also be lying if I said that I didn’t, at s…