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Waking up in Vegas

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Las Vegas for some big industry events.

The first half of the week was the Arcview Las Vegas Investor Forum.  At this event, cannabis operators have 15 minutes on stage to pitch their company in a "Shark Tank" style event.  The pitches are delivered to several hundred accredited investors and the presenters field live questions from the "Sharks".

We learned about what some of the political organizations have been focused on at the state and federal level to help move our country towards decriminalization of cannabis.  There was a lot of great networking opportunities and fascinating people to meet.

I had the opportunity to mentor Koushi Sunder, the founder of Stemless, a platform that enables dispensaries to easily offer online menus, delivery, and accept payments.  Her pitch was amazing and I wish her great success moving her company forward.

Later at the event, I had the opportunity to "Shark" for three company pitches.  It was a great experience as always.  I enjoyed getting to know each of the operators/presenters and believe each of them bring great innovation to the cannabis industry.

The event ended with a party at Wayne Newton's estate.  The pictures are a little dark, but it was a good time nonetheless!

The second half of the week was MJ Biz Con where I had the opportunity to represent one of my amazing clients, Humanity Medicine, and meet potential investors and partners.  I also had the chance to connect with some friends and colleagues and meet great new people along the way.

As I continue to attend industry events, I'm encouraged by the progress the industry is making towards becoming mainstream.  Increasing professionalism, useful content, and responsible operators are exactly what we need as an industry!

On a lighter note, I made the mistake of telling one of my clients that I was the fastest beer chugger in my freshman dorm in college.  He wanted live proof!  Most of you know, I rarely drink these days, so I was sure my talent was long gone.  However, apparently beer chugging is just like riding a bike.  The world record is 4.9 seconds, and I'm not that far off.  Just need a bit more practice.  Check it out...


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